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Trusted Tree Surgeon for the Sutton Area

There are some arboricultural tasks that homeowners around Sutton attempt to perform on an amateur basis. While this isn’t always a terrible idea, there are many benefits that come with hiring a professional tree surgeon. Please bear in mind that some tasks – tree felling, tree removal and site clearance, for example – should only ever be carried out by a qualified and insured tree surgeon. If you’re ever unsure which category the task you require falls into, give us a call on 01737 813 606.


4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Tree Surgeon in Sutton


  1. EXPERTISE – We’ve learned a lot throughout our studies and 18 years’ working “in the field” – sometimes figuratively and often literally! A qualified tree surgeon, like ours near Sutton, knows exactly when a specimen requires tree felling or pruning, and when site clearance is warranted to prevent the spread of tree disease – for example. They will also know the difference between crown reduction and crown thinning, and be able to carry each out at an expert level.
  2. METHODOLOGY – There are many different ways to go about all manner of arboricultural procedures. When researching hedge trimming, for example, you will likely find generic advice and information. A tree surgeon, on the other hand, will be able to identify the type of hedge, know all its characteristics and individual traits, and the most appropriate time and way to trim it.
  3. DIAGNOSIS – Spotting tree disease can be tricky, there are some signs that may point to an infection that are actually harmless. The contrary is also often true. Then there are the countless diseased trees that go unidentified and unreported in and around the Sutton area. Employing a tree surgeon to regularly carry out maintenance on your domestic or commercial premises ensures that, if disease ever does rear its ugly head, the tree can be dealt with to prevent the infection spreading, as well as potential property damage or personal injury.
  4. SAFETY – Carrying out any form of tree surgery can be dangerous, especially if the person doing it is untrained and unqualified. This is why it takes so much training to become a qualified tree surgeon. Why risk injury or death carrying out tree felling or tree removal on your property, when you can call in our tree surgeon near Sutton and get a professional job done at an affordable price?


Convinced a tree surgeon can help you? Pick up the phone and call 01737 813 606.

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