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Tree Felling, Site Clearance & Other Services for Dorking and Sutton

AA Tree Care offers a broad range of both domestic and commercial arboricultural services to Dorking, Sutton, and the wider Surrey, London and Hampshire areas. This includes everything from tree felling to tree removal, site clearance to hedge trimming. Here’s more on how an AA Tree Care tree surgeon can help you.


Arboricultural Services for the Dorking and Sutton Areas


A tree surgeon will recommend crown reduction to achieve a number of ends: reduce mechanical stress on branches, make the tree more suited to its surrounding environment, reduce shading and reduce light loss. A successful crown reduction won’t alter the main framework of the crown, and just see its height or foliage density reduced. It is achieved by making a number of very small, precise cuts to branch tips, pruning them back to a point further down the branch.


If a tree isn’t getting enough light, is dangerously heavy or too wind resistant, then a tree surgeon will usually recommend crown thinning. This involves removing a set amount of the tree’s smaller branches from its outer crown. This produces both a uniform mass of foliage and consistently spaced branch structure. Crown thinning never involves the removal of over 30% of a tree’s crown.


The most common form of modern tree felling and tree removal is sectional dismantling. This involves a trained AA tree surgeon carefully take a specimen apart branch-by-branch. This is useful in urban and suburban areas – like Dorking, Sutton, Surrey, London and Hampshire – where there may be surrounding property or passers-by. Sectional tree felling massively reduces the chances that anyone or anything may be harmed/damaged during the process. But when you think of tree felling and tree removal, you might first think of lumberjacks taking an axe to a tree, and letting gravity do the rest. Over the years, the tools have evolved and the technique’s been refined – but we still employ this method on larger sites where there are no surrounding health and safety risks.


One of our most popular services is full domestic and commercial site clearance. Homeowners and companies around Dorking, Sutton and the wider Surrey, London and Hampshire areas call us in when they need a blank slate to work with. We’ll handle every aspect of the process, including safe and responsible tree felling, vegetation clearance and stump removal.


You might think that planting a tree is relatively straight forward, but there’s a lot of thought that goes into ensuring a tree is properly established. If a tree is improperly planted, then it may struggle to receive the nutrients needed to survive and grow. We’ll plant trees of any size: seedling, sapling or a true titan being moved from one Dorking or Sutton plot to another!


Different species of hedge have different requirements when it comes to trimming, which can often be an arduous and tedious procedure. Many homeowners and companies call us in to maintain their hedges as they lack the time to do it themselves. We have both the equipment and expertise to cut all sizes of hedges to your exact requirements.


Using a powerful stump grinder, we can quickly remove problematic stumps from domestic and commercial sites. This ensures that a recently felled tree doesn’t grow back, and makes room for new plants, hard landscaping or similar development activity. It’s also the last stage of tree removal that an AA tree surgeon will carry out.


If you live in or around the Dorking or Sutton areas and require fuel for a traditional wood stove or fireplace, then get in contact with us. We sell high-quality seasoned logs from sustainable sources. Our prices are highly competitive, and we’ll deliver them anywhere within a 50-mile radius of our Dorking base.

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