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No one likes to see a tree felled. Trees are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, providing us with oxygen and green, leafy environments to enjoy. But sometimes tree felling and tree removal are absolutely essential. One of the most common reasons that a tree surgeon needs to carry out such a task is tree disease. On this page, we’ve provided some more information on two types of tree disease that our tree surgery and site clearance specialists commonly deal with around the Dorking area.


A Brief Guide to Two of the Most Common Tree Diseases in Dorking



The Dorking area has had a number of confirmed cases of Acute Oak Decline, which affects thousands of oak trees across the UK, pop up over the years. This form of tree disease can be visually identified by dark fluid which oozes through an oak’s cracks. It’s fairly brutal, as far as tree disease goes, and affected trees – which can be both pedunculate oak and sessile oak – often die within five years of first showing symptoms.


A tree surgeon will recommend tree felling and tree removal if a site only hosts a few infected trees. This will help keep infection levels low and reduce the risk of the disease spreading around Dorking. If an entire site is infected, then it should be cordoned off, and site clearance considered.



Dutch elm disease is one of the most destructive tree diseases ever seen in Europe. The first time it came to the continent in the 1940’s, 10%-40% of elms in various different European countries had died out, and the second outbreak in the 1960’s was even worse! By 1970, 20m of 30m UK elms had been wiped out.


While Dutch Elm Disease will certainly kill a tree, it will be replaced by new elms that regenerate from its roots. This means that there are many small elms that can be seen around Dorking forests and the wider UK, despite a lack of larger elms. Once we have identified an infected elm, we will offer tree removal to a separate site – where the tree should be burned to prevent the infection spreading. A guide to Dutch Elm Disease symptoms can be found here.


Have you spotted a tree that may be diseased? Please call in an AA tree surgeon on 01737 813 606.

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